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Qrius Connect Broadens Its Reach, Teams Up with Experience Qatar to Elevate Marketing and Sales Presence in India

Qrius Connect, a prominent player in the travel industry, has expanded its portfolio by partnering with Experience Qatar to spearhead marketing and sales initiatives within India. Experience Qatar, a leading Destination Management Company (DMC) and incoming travel specialist based in Qatar, has chosen Qrius Connect to bolster brand visibility and foster business growth in the vibrant Indian market.

In this collaborative effort, Qrius Connect will assume responsibility for sales and marketing endeavours, driving comprehensive market expansion strategies tailored to the unique demands of Indian travellers. Recognizing India’s significance as a key source market for Qatar, this partnership aims to leverage the immense potential for establishing a robust presence, characterised by distinctive services and mutually beneficial relationships with Indian travel agencies.

Nishant Gulliya, CEO of Qrius Connect, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, citing Qatar’s rich cultural heritage, diverse experiential offerings, and renowned hospitality as compelling draws for Indian tourists. Emphasizing a strategic focus on leisure, corporate, and luxury wedding segments, Gulliya outlined ambitious plans to capitalise on Qatar’s growing appeal among discerning travellers from India.

Abdulrahman Amin, CEO of Experience Qatar, echoed Gulliya’s sentiments, underscoring the alignment of vision between the two entities in delivering unparalleled travel experiences to Indian visitors. Amin reaffirmed Experience Qatar’s commitment to crafting personalised journeys that showcase Qatar’s cultural richness and modern allure. Through this alliance, Experience Qatar aims to solidify its position as the preferred choice for Indian travellers seeking unforgettable sojourns in Qatar, thereby strengthening the enduring bond between the two nations.

About Experience Qatar: Experience Qatar stands as a premier Destination Management Company celebrated for its expertise in curating bespoke travel experiences within Qatar. With a steadfast dedication to hospitality and a pursuit of excellence, Experience Qatar specializes in tailoring itineraries that showcase Qatar’s cultural heritage, natural splendours, and contemporary attractions. Whether it’s luxury getaways, adventurous expeditions, or corporate events, Experience Qatar guarantees unforgettable journeys that surpass expectations and create enduring memories for travellers.