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Rendezvous en France Le Salon 2023 successfully concluded in Paris

Atout France’s Rendezvous en France Le Salon 2023 held its 16th successful edition in Paris, attracting 786 tourism professionals from 57 countries (including 31 from India) and 26 travel trade journalists from key markets. The event served as a platform to showcase the country’s latest travel products and offerings. With the return of many tour operators from India, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East after lower numbers last year, the event played a key part in promoting the tourism sector’s transformation and adaptation to today’s challenges, as evidenced by the 26,320 business meetings that took place during the event.

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Off the total 786 hosted buyers, 391 tour operators were from Europe, 168 from Africa and Asia Oceania, 169 from North and South America and 58 from Near & Middle East region.

The show highlighted 660 French travel exhibitors and regional tourism boards who showcased their travel products and regions. The two-day event provided an ideal platform for business meetings and showcased the best of Paris and its latest travel products during evening soirées.

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Rendez-vous en France provided an opportunity for more than 250 international buyers to discover France’s tourist destinations through 26 familiarisation trips across the country, the weekend before the show. The pre-and post-FAM tours organized for the Indian delegation were well-planned, taking into account the latest travel demands and products that will resonate well with the Indian market.

Record international tourism revenues (€58 billion in 2022) prove that travellers are returning to France in droves, particularly Europeans and Americans. This is a testament to the vibrancy and attractiveness of the French tourism sector, which we aim to further reinforce. With the support of the partners, especially Air France and SNCF, the Paris Region Tourist Board, and the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2023, the goal for this year was to present international distributors with high-quality and sustainable tourism products that are constantly being updated. This is even more important as France prepares to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympic games.