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Resorts World Cruises Celebrates Milestone with 2 Millionth Passenger of MBCCS

Resorts World Cruises has marked a significant milestone as it welcomed aboard Mrs. Octaviana Tasik and her family, who were honored as the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore’s (MBCCS) 2 millionth passenger for the current cruise season spanning April 2023 to March 2024. Setting sail on the illustrious Genting Dream for a captivating 2 Night Cruise to Kuala Lumpur, the Tasik family was greeted with a special reception aboard the ship, attended by esteemed personalities including Michael Goh, President, Resorts World Cruises, and Lionel Wong, CEO, SATS-Creuers Cruise Services, among others.

In recognition of this remarkable occasion, Tasik and her family were treated to an extraordinary cruise experience, enjoying an exclusive upgrade to the Palace Suite, a luxurious enclave within the ship renowned for its lavish amenities and impeccable service. As Palace guests, they savoured unparalleled privileges, including priority services, access to premium dining venues, exclusive entertainment options, and personalised assistance from the Palace’s dedicated team of butlers.

“Resorts World Cruises launched its brand two years ago in Singapore, welcoming its first passenger from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS) on the Genting Dream. Today, we are delighted to be part of this celebration to welcome MBCCS’ 2 millionth passenger for this season aboard the Genting Dream,” said Goh. “We had just launched our new season and we are excited to have both our ships, the Genting Dream and Resorts World One meet at MBCCS in June 2024 to offer new sailing destinations to Ko Samui, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Con Son Island and Redang”, he added.

“SATS-Creuers is proud to have served 2 million cruise passengers at MBCCS this season. This marks a significant milestone and demonstrates that cruising in Southeast Asia has become an attractive option for holiday makers. We are happy to welcome the 2 millionth passenger and we look forward to welcoming many more passengers at MBCCS in the future,” said Wong.

As part of its ongoing offerings, Genting Dream will continue to provide diverse itineraries from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, catering to various preferences with options including 2 Night Weekend Getaway Cruises, 2 Night Kuala Lumpur Cruises, and 3 Night Phuket Cruises or Penang-Kuala Lumpur Cruises.

Furthermore, Resorts World One is poised to make a special appearance in Singapore during the upcoming local school holidays, presenting passengers with exclusive sailings to captivating destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Con Son Island, Bangkok, Ko Samui, and Redang Island. These limited-time voyages promise unforgettable experiences, blending adventure and relaxation for travelers seeking new horizons.