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Seychelles Sets Sail on Global Stage as Premier Island Destination with a MEGA FAM

In a bid to solidify its standing as a coveted island destination, Seychelles made waves in the global tourism arena through strategic initiatives, culminating in its inaugural ‘Experience Seychelles’ MEGA Famil event. Having actively participated in multiple international travel trade shows and exhibitions, Seychelles Tourism took a giant leap forward by hosting this exclusive gathering for a select group of 65 travel partners and 16 global media partners from 15 countries worldwide. The event not only provided an opportunity for networking but also showcased the breathtaking beauty and attractions that Seychelles has to offer.

The Experience Seychelles Mega Fam event garnered substantial backing from local collaborators, with three distinguished hotel establishments—Constance Hotels & Resorts, Constance Ephelia Resorts, Hilton Seychelles, and Laïla, Seychelles, a Tribute Portfolio Resort—playing a pivotal role. Additionally, four Destination Management Companies, including Creole Travel Services, Masons Travels, 7 Degree South, and Summer Rain Tours, enthusiastically joined as key partners in the event.

From India, 3 travel companies were invited including ARK Holidays, Travel Arena and IslandHopper along with one media house – The Digital Travellers. 

Bernadette Willemin, Director General for Destination Marketing, Tourism Seychelles said, “This marks a historic milestone for our destination, and we are thrilled to conclude the year on such a positive note. The returns on our investment in this initiative are anticipated to bring substantial publicity across our diverse markets. The primary goal of this marketing endeavour is to provide travel agencies with firsthand experiences and comprehensive information about our destination, enabling them to more effectively market and promote it to their clients.”

In addition to this groundbreaking event, Tourism Seychelles has already hosted over 90 familiarisation trips and more than 85 press trips in 2023, reinforcing its commitment to promoting Seychelles as a premier tourist destination. The archipelago nation had already demonstrated its commitment to expanding its reach by organising a three-city roadshow in India in August of this year. This aggressive approach aimed to showcase Seychelles’ unique offerings and appeal to a diverse range of potential visitors.

Seychelles’ active participation in global travel trade shows, exhibitions, and targeted roadshows underscores the nation’s dedication to establishing itself as a preferred international travel destination. The engagement with travel partners and media from diverse regions further amplifies Seychelles’ presence on the world stage.
The idyllic landscapes, diverse marine life, and rich cultural experiences in Seychelles make it an increasingly attractive option for travellers seeking a tropical and exotic getaway. As many island nations leverage tourism as a vital economic driver, Seychelles’ strategic initiatives are poised to make a lasting impact on the global tourism market.

These concerted efforts to build partnerships with travel agencies and media outlets reflect Seychelles’ comprehensive approach to destination marketing. The success of these endeavours is eagerly awaited, as Seychelles aims to position itself prominently among the world’s premier island destinations.