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Skyscanner report: 47% of Indians ready to revamp itineraries for irresistible deals

Skyscanner has released its Travel in Focus Report today. The report reveals that budget-conscious travellers in India are embracing travel with a flexible mindset in order to find more affordable getaways. Based on Skyscanner’s search and booking data, as well as a study of consumer behaviour, this report sheds light on key travel trends in India.

The report’s data highlights that Indians are savvy travellers (47%) who are willing to change their itineraries when presented with better travel deals. When it comes to international vacations, Indians are also open to selecting destinations that offer lower travel costs (35%) or visiting during different times of the year (33%). Interestingly, despite being avid planners, with 72% of respondents preferring thorough trip planning, Indian travellers are still striving to strike a balance between travel experiences and value for their holidays.

Mohit Joshi, Skyscanner Travel Trends and Destination Expert, commented on the findings, stating, “Although the way we travel has undoubtedly changed in recent years, the desire for a getaway remains strong. Skyscanner enables travellers to explore the world within their budget through its platform’s cross-market comparison and transparent pricing. An easy tip to find that perfect balance is to use our ‘Everywhere’ search tool, which recommends destinations based on the traveler’s location and ranks them by price. This way, you can explore without breaking the bank.”

Additional survey findings include:

  • Chasing Cricket: Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Indians, with approximately 75% of respondents stating their willingness to increase their travel budget to experience live cricket matches. With the upcoming 2023 Cricket World Cup taking place in India, there has been a significant surge of 46% in searches from within India to Ahmedabad, one of the host cities, for October of this year. Despite the high demand, Skyscanner’s pricing data reveals that flights from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in June 2023 are 36% lower compared to June 2022.
  • Slow Travelling Gurus: In 2023, Indian travellers are adopting a slow travel approach, with a majority of travellers (46%) choosing immersive travel experiences over fast-paced travel (40%). Instead of rushing to visit as many places as possible, travelers are opting to spend more time in a single destination, allowing themselves to deeply engage with the local culture. Skyscanner data shows that over 38% of Indian travelers embark on single-destination trips lasting longer than one month, encompassing both domestic and international destinations. This figure is notably higher compared to travelers from Singapore (3%) and South Korea (8%).
  • Purposeful Voyagers: Modern travelers seek to infuse purpose into their journeys, focusing their travel experiences around specific activities. In India, more than half of respondents (55%) are intending to engage in purpose-related travel within the country, participating in activities such as scuba diving, golfing, practicing yoga, or attending wellness retreats. Additionally, one out of every two Indians has plans to visit holy places within the next six months, highlighting their desire for spiritual exploration and pilgrimag

Skyscanner’s Travel in Focus 2023 report provides valuable insights into travel behavior, attitudes, and preferences of travelers in Singapore, India, and South Korea. The report is based on research conducted with OnePoll and includes an analysis of survey data collected from 3,000 travelers in these countries. By leveraging this extensive data, the report aims to uncover unique and significant findings about the travel patterns and preferences specific to each country.