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StampThePassport Unveils Travel Customisation Feature and Expands Service Portfolio

StampThePassport, an AI-based visa application platform, has announced a major enhancement to its service offerings with the introduction of an innovative feature, “Customising Your Own Itinerary.” This latest development empowers travellers to tailor their journeys according to their preferences, marking a significant stride in the realm of personalised travel experiences.

Empowering Personalised Journeys

StampThePassport’s “Customising Your Own Itinerary” feature allows travellers to take control of their adventures. The platform offers a seamless online experience where users can book their complete customised itinerary, including intercity cabs, flights, and more, all in just a few clicks.

Key Features of StampThePassport’s Expanded Services:
  1. Holiday Planning: StampThePassport introduces an AI-powered, streamlined holiday planning service, enabling travellers to effortlessly craft dream itineraries. The user-friendly interface guides users through creating personalized travel plans from anywhere to anywhere, all in less than 60 seconds, and at the best prices.
  2. Flights: In collaboration with 700 global airlines, StampThePassport now provides an extensive range of flight options, catering to diverse budgets and preferences. The platform’s integrated booking system ensures a hassle-free and transparent booking experience.
  3. Hotels: StampThePassport’s expanded services include a curated selection of hotels worldwide, offering travellers the ability to choose accommodations that align with their preferences, from boutique hotels to luxury resorts with specially negotiated deals.
  4. Transfers: StampThePassport now offers a convenient transfer service, ensuring a seamless travel experience with transportation solutions from airports to accommodations and intercity transfers.
  5. Intercity Cabs: Travellers can now book reliable and comfortable intercity cab services through StampThePassport, making commuting between cities convenient and stress-free.
StampThePassport’s Commitment to Holistic Travel

Vijay Kesavan, Founder & CEO, StampThePassport, stated, “We believe in offering more than just travel services; we aim to provide a holistic travel experience. The introduction of our customisable itinerary feature and the expansion into flights, hotels, transfers, and intercity cabs aligns with our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of modern travellers.”