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Why you should attend ICWF 2018

The International Convention of the Wedding Fraternity (ICWF) is the most comprehensive B2B platform for the wedding industry professionals. Be a part of ICWF 2018 India edition which is scheduled to take place at Fairmont Jaipur from July 27-29, 2018. Being an upscale platform, ICFW gets marked by the presence of some of the most brilliant minds who have defined this profession in a completely new manner.

There cannot be a place better than this to understand the ins and outs, latest trends, fashion, and career prospects of the ever-expanding wedding management industry. The presence of a complete wedding fraternity for two days brings a golden chance to expand your reach. The new reach motivates to further push your limits and look ahead of your existing circle of clients and business partners. ICWF respects and acknowledges your worth, the value of your zeal, the efforts you put in, and your passion. The ʻGreat Indian Wedding Awardsʼ are one of the best ways through which they endeavor to recognize the best talents and reward them for their outstanding performances.